I first met Andy Ngô on August 4 of last year at the Dirksen U.S. Senate office building. We were both appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee to testify about the group of masked radicals known as Antifa. I found it hard to conceive that this short-statured, soft-spoken son of Vietnamese refugees was Antifa’s public enemy #1.

I knew Andy’s work as a journalist well. Like others who followed his viral live videos on Twitter and other streaming platforms, I had seen him face brutal attacks on camera. For anyone who watched the 2020 riots tear American cities apart, Ngô and his work loom larger than life. To lovers of American liberty, he is practically a folk hero. To Antifa and its sympathizers, he is a pariah. But in person, the man is gentle and unassuming. During the Senate hearing, he seemed almost naïvely disappointed to discover that most of our lawmakers were more interested in partisan grandstanding than in the real information he so urgently wanted to provide. Andy Ngô is not a political operative, or a radical. He is certainly not a fascist. He is a man who believes in the truth.

Ngô serves as editor-at-large of the popular conservative website the Post Millennial. For merely daring to walk among Antifa’s apparatchiks as they brutalize Americans, and for putting the carnage on film, Ngô has been doxxed, harassed, threatened

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