The Claremont Institute is sad to announce the death of our friend and contributor, Paul A. Cantor (1945-2022).

Cantor was the Clifton Waller Barrett Professor of English at the University of Virginia. He wrote on a wide range of topics, including economics, philosophy, pop culture, poetry, and Shakespeare. His books include Shakespeare’s Rome: Republic and Empire, Gilligan Unbound: Pop Culture in the Age of Globalization, Literature and the Economics of Liberty, Shakespeare’s Roman Trilogy and Pop Culture and the Dark Side of the American Dream: Con Men, Gangsters, Drug Lords, and Zombies, among others.

Below are the articles he wrote for the Claremont Review of Books:

Between Heaven and Hell

The Economic Muse

Average Bill

History Plays

Playwright of the Globe

Is There Intelligent Life on Television?

Ink-Stained Genius

A Handshake Across the Centuries

Aristocracy in America

A Riddle Wrapped in an Enigma

The Case for Barbarism