Though the strength and preservation of the United States have always depended upon the spirit and guidance of its founding principles, these are now astoundingly subject to widespread and hateful repudiation from Americans themselves. Seldom has so obvious a national suicide advanced with such geometric speed against so little resistance. True to form, the rot comes from within.

Nevertheless, just as a dead tree can stand for decades until toppled by the wind, a coup de fond would likely come from without, even if via a quisling or legions of them, as history has shown. America is blind. Protected by oceans, repulsed from the beginning by the Byzantine chess of European diplomacy and war, and shielded by a long period of economic and military pre-eminence, we are uninterested in, and ignorant of, the international system, the consequentiality of military power, and the means by which nations maneuver short of war and by war itself to dominate or destroy rivals and enemies.

Of 56 categories in the last seven Gallup Polls, national security is ranked by less than half a percent of respondents as the most important problem facing the U.S., and yet its effect on whether we stand or fall is equal to that of all other problems combined. Even should we descend into nightmarish shambles as in the Civil War, with the defense of our sovereignty and independence,

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