• How can a system that keeps photo­copiers and mimeograph machines under strict control and surveillance exploit the benefits of the VCR and the personal computer?

-George Shultz
New York Times Magazine, September 6, 1986


  • . . . I think building a sense of community will be so important in 1988. I don’t know whether family is a good enough notion, but somehow you have to get across the notion of synergy, of working together. I’d like to write a Declaration of Independence about the relationships between all the parts of the disparate world. John Donne was right. Look at Chernobyl: a reactor blows up and people thousands of miles away can’t drink milk. Now, how do you say that? You can’t say ‘synergy’ and hope to score with people, but everyone understands family.

-Maria Cuomo
New York Times Magazine, September 14, 1986


  • They [the Soviets] have slowly come to the realization that there’s not going to be a military solution in Afghanistan . . . another Western diplomat said. ‘But they are not going to leave and allow a blood bath.’Los Angeles Times, January 21, 1987