Former attorney general William Barr opens his lengthy memoir, One Damn Thing After Another, with an account of his meeting with President Donald Trump on December 1, 2020, just hours after Barr had told an Associated Press reporter that “[t]o date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.” Trump was “enraged” and “struggle[d] to keep his temper under control.” He demanded to know why his attorney general had made such a statement. “Because it is true, Mr. President.” “You must hate Trump,” came the president’s response. “You could only do this if you hate Trump.” Barr tried to explain how each of the major fraud claims advanced by the president’s private attorneys proved groundless, but Trump remained unconvinced. Then, “roar[ing] harshly, staring daggers at me,” Trump proceeded to rake him over the coals for two other malfeasances, U.S. Attorney John Durham’s unfinished investigation of the Russia collusion hoax and the non-indictment of former FBI Director James Comey. The attorney general offered to submit his resignation. “‘Accepted!’ the President yelled” as he “slammed the table with his palm.” “‘Accepted!’ he yelled again.” “‘You are done right now. Go home!’ he barked.”

Minutes later, as Barr’s FBI detail was about to drive him out of

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