The Claremont Review of Books Podcast

In a new podcast series, host Spencer Klavan sits down with authors from the Claremont Review of Books to discuss the ideas driving conservative intellectual life.

Episode Three: Professor Jim Hankins on the Troubling Rise of Hyperpartisanship

Professor Jim Hankins of Harvard joins Spencer to discuss the rapid and worrying rise of hyperpartisanship in the United States on the Left and, to a lesser extent, the Right. Professor Hankins, an expert in Renaissance history, draws on ancient Greece and Italy to forecast where we’re likely headed from here.

Episode Two: Professor Amy Wax on Woke Threats to the Law

Professor Amy Wax of Pennsylvania Law joins Spencer to discuss the threats that social justice ideology poses to education and legal philosophy. Professor Wax, herself a front-liner in the fight against wokeness, paints a bleak yet realistic picture. Then: Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the history of social justice in the American courts.

Episode One: Winter 2020 Review with Dr. Charles Kesler

In this episode, Spencer chats with Editor and Claremont Institute Senior Fellow Charles Kesler about the Winter 2020 issue. Dr. Kesler discusses impeachmentelection 2020, and the challenges facing the American republic.