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The Claremont Review of Books not only superbly serves the cause of constitutional liberty, but at the same time elevates the level of political discourse in our country. A national treasure.
Charles Krauthammer


The Claremont Review of Books (CRB) is a quarterly review of politics and statesmanship published by the Claremont Institute. Many consider it a conservative intellectual answer to the liberal New York Review of Books.


By engaging policy at the level of ideas, the CRB aims to reawaken in American politics a statesmanship and citizenship worthy of our noblest political traditions.


In the journal's words, it "offers bold arguments for a reinvigorated conservatism, which draws upon the timeless principles of the American Founding and applies them to the moral and political problems we face today."

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Each issue of the Claremont Review of Books covers an extraordinary wide range of books, each thoughtfully reviewed and is introduced by a gem of a comment by its distinguished editor, Charles R. Kesler.

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