Is Your Alumni Donation Fueling the Woke Mind Virus?

Colleges captured by the Left are incubating a contagious madness. Why contribute to the nuttiness?

Recently, one of our supporters went to his mailbox. He pulled out an appeal from his Ivy League alma mater and, next to it, a letter from the Claremont Institute.

Looking at them side by side, he reflected on the stark dif­ference. While his college had turned fully against the princi­ples of America and the West—including the principles of a liberal education—the Claremont Institute was teaching and defending those same principles.

He sent his alumni contribution to the Claremont Insti­tute instead—and told us about it.

As you leaf through your alumni magazine, how does your alma mater compare to the issue of the CRB you’re reading right now? Do you find American civilization being built up with humane learning—or torn down with cruel nonsense?

Perhaps your college, like so many others, has been captured and weaponized. Why should you keep subsidizing a place that infects young American minds with fever-dreams of hatred for their country and themselves?

We humbly suggest a far better way to “pay it forward” for the opportunities you’ve been given.

At the Claremont Institute, we don’t just defend American principles. We provide powerful, spirited leadership to restore them. That includes providing the intellectual foundation that has gone missing in American higher ed today, spurring educational reform in Right-leaning states, and attacking the woke ideology at its roots. Here are a few examples:

  • Our five Claremont Institute Fellowships teach America’s rising leaders in influential fields how to apply America’s enduring principles to today’s political problems.
  • Claremont Alumni Fellows Network—Nearly 1,000 of our Fellowship alumni are now networked as a coalition to save America. Twenty were in the Trump administration. Others are well-known “good guys” on the front lines like Charlie Kirk, Mark Levin, Chris Rufo, Senator Tom Cotton, James O’Keefe, Mollie Hemingway…and many more than we can name here.
  • The Claremont Review of Books—called “a graduate education in itself,” and The American Mind website and podcast, reaching millions.
  • Our Center for the American Way of Life works with leaders in D.C., Florida, Texas, and other states to de-fund woke infrastructure in state university systems and the military’s K-12, and to restore genuine education.
  • New initiatives like the Claremont Press (books by great Claremont thinkers) and others in development, like an online version of our Publius Fellowship for the public.

All this only scratches the surface of why even the New York Times calls us “A Nerve Center of the American Right.”

If your college has gone woke, please consider redirecting your usual alumni gift to help us in our work. We will make it count.