Today is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. To honor him we need to understand and join the cause for which he gave the last full measure of devotion. Nothing short of Lincolnian wisdom and statesmanship will restore America to what he called our “ancient faith.” No institution has been more devoted to this than the Claremont Institute. Here are links to several essays and reviews on Lincolnian themes from the archives of the Claremont Review of Books and links to a couple of the most important books written on Lincoln’s statesmanship, by Claremont Institute co-founder, the late Harry V. Jaffa.


Harry V. Jaffa:

Books on Lincoln:

Crisis of the House Divided

A New Birth of Freedom



Lincoln in Peoria

Wages of Sin

In Re Jack Kemp vs. Joe Sobran on Lincoln

The American Founding as the Best Regime

Defending the Cause of Human Freedom

The Central Idea

The False Prophets of American Conservatism

The Deepening Crisis

The Speech that Changed the World

Thoughts on Lincoln’s Birthday


CRB Discussion:

Richard Brookhiser, Allen C. Guelzo, and Lucas E. Morel:

Lincoln, Religion, and the American Founding

John Burt and Diana Schaub:

Abraham Lincoln and Moral Conflict


Symposium on C.A. Tripp’s The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln, with Allen C. Guelzo, Joan L. Flinspach, John Y. Simon, Lucas E. Morel, Daniel W. Stowell, Michael Burlingame:

The Lincoln Bedroom


John E. Alvis:

Lincoln as Nihilist


Martha Bayles:

Unfinished Work


Herman Belz:

Harry V. Jaffa and American History: Philosophy Teaching by Example


Michael Burlingame:

The Great Emancipation

A People’s Contest


John C. Briggs:

Understanding Greatness

Statecraft and Wordcraft


Christopher Flannery:

O Captain My Captain


Patrick Garrity:

And the War Came


Allen C. Guelzo:

Slavery All the Way Down

A New Birth of Freedom

The Bicentennial Lincolns

Lincoln’s Audition

Washing Mud from Marble


Charles R. Kesler:

A New Birth of Freedom


Stephen F. Knott:

Necessity Knows No Law


Thomas Krannawitter:

Dishonest About Abe

Lincoln for Liberals


Christopher Levenick:

The Americanization of God


Ken Masugi:

Lukewarm Lincoln

Renewing the Republic and Republicans

O Captain My Captain


Lucas E. Morel:

Our Fathers

Forced into Gory Lincoln Revisionism


David K. Nichols:

Conceived in Liberty

Magnanimous History


Mackubin T. Owens:


Subjugation and Extermination


Diana Schaub:

Lincoln for Liberals

The Great Debate

The Greatness and Decline of American Oratory

Mystic Chords of Memory


Peter W. Schramm:

Douglass and Lincoln

One Last Card to Play


Steven B. Smith:

Whistling Dixie


Justice Clarence Thomas:

The Virtue of Practical Wisdom


Glen E. Thurow:

The Measure of Greatness

One Nation Under God


Michael P. Zuckert:

A More Perfect Union