Peter W. Schramm

Peter W. Schramm is a senior fellow and former president of the Claremont Institute. He is Executive Director of the John M. Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs and a professor of political science at Ashland University.


He served in the Reagan Administration as the Director of the Center for International Education in the United States Department of Education.

Dr. Schramm earned his Ph.D. in government from the Claremont Graduate School in 1981. He holds two Master of Arts degrees, one from the Claremont Graduate School in Government and the other in International History from the University of London.

Dr. Schramm has also been a part of numerous literary and academic endeavors. In 1996, he wrote the introduction of Lord Charnwood's biography of Abraham Lincoln. He has also edited several books, including Lessons of the Bush Defeat, Consequences of the Clinton Victory, and has co-edited Separation of Powers and Good Government (Rowman and Littlefield, 1994). Dr. Schramm has given a variety of academic and political lectures, including to the Heritage Foundation, Stanford University, and the International Conservative Congress in Washington, D.C.

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Articles by Peter W. Schramm

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One Last Card to Play

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